Monday, February 23, 2009

two months...

Holy cow! I haven't blogged in two months?!!? And I only have two months left.. actually less then two months. We did our hospital tour on Sunday we are having him at Memorial and as much as it put my mind to ease as to where we go, and how everything will happen, it totally freaked me out! I mean, obviously I have been thinking ok we have to deliver, but until I was in the birthing suite seeing the bed, the equipment, the posters, and talking about it, it sunk in that we are really doing this. Though for Chad it didn't sink in so much because he was too busy wondering if we got the outdoor channel, while I am having a nervous breakdown he is getting a rundown on the channels. Oh boys! But, I met a lot of the nurses and just fell in love with everyone there so while it made me nervous, it helped me picture what is going to happen!

I am in the full swing of shower season! But, thankfully I only am having two, so I have my first one this weekend and then the big one is the next weekend, so thankfully I won't have to be waddling in to these showers when I am ready to pop and grouchy! But, so far we are getting a lot of good stuff off our regirsty and my mom and dad have gotten us our changing table and crib, so like I said before, everything is coming together and very quickly!

Well, this is a fast post .. but just wanted to update everyone and update myself because like I said its been over two months .. man I need to get on the band wagon!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Tis' the Season

Oh well, we are officially 3 days away from Christmas! It seems that Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year. I just remember as a kid it couldn't come fast enough and now it just seems like yesterday I was putting all the finishing touches on our house with decor! Our weekends have been filled to the brim with family time and lots of food, which usually I love but this little guy doesn't seem to like sweets all that much so I have a plate full of Christmas cookies that I made with my niece that I can't seem to eat and even a Tupperware dish full of buckeyes in the fridge that are just too sweet for me to eat!

But all in all, I am really treasuring this holiday for it is the last one for just Chad and I. And although I am excited for next year and what will be to come, it is just such an adjustment and one that I can't really plan for and just have to learn to deal with the unexpected! We celebrated 3 years of marriage last week and spent a night out on the town and then finished up with doing some shopping at Old Navy for Wesley, although we didn't get anything for him, it was fun doing it together and wondering what colors he will look good in and more or less will he even fit into a 3 month onies for too long. And Wesley has his first official piece of camo courtesy of his Dad, Chad ordered a bib for him, that I am sure will get a lot of use. Chad says the camo is for "inspiration" Ok!

Sunday morning while Chad was out deer hunting freezing cold! I went to church and froze as well! Since most of Nappanee was out of power, the church was too! But, you know while we were sitting there in our coats, gloves, scarves and hats. Pastor Dave got up and said "this was planned, this is nothing unexpected, only to us" and I love going to church and hearing the Christmas story, but you know it just never changes but Pastor Dave decided to preach about what Jesus's real name was and that was Emmanuel "God with us" and how no matter what God is with us. And it just put a new spin how the birth of Jesus and the life that he lived. I was thinking about that more and more this morning as I was driving to work about "God with us" and just how everyday he is, he was sitting in the seat next to me listening to every word I was saying. He was with us when we went through the good times this year, through the laughs, and the hugs, and even through the tears and the heartaches this year. And I just kinda sat back and remembered all the times that he was with us. And even though he is with us everyday and while we are heading into times that there is a question mark on it, he is going to be there every step of the way. I just thought that was so powerful and something that we often forget as well!

Well, here's to a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year : )

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Enough said? His name is Wesley and we are still deciding on a middle name .. but now the cat is out of the bag : ) : )

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ok just a little bit longer...

Ok, so I know that I said that I would post on here what we are having .... BUT not all of my family know's and I don't want them to find out on a blog or on Facebook. So, I promise I will re-post on Friday since we will see the remaining of our family on Thanksgiving Day. But, I can report that the baby is very healthy, it had a full belly of food : ) I am right on my due date and the baby was weighing in at a whopping 10 ounces! At one point the baby got so mad that we were moving it around that it kicked the nurse doing our ultrasound! But, Chad and I are so excited more or less that we just got a good healthy report from the doctor we didn't really care what we would have just that everything was healthy and now we can start calling the baby by name which makes it so much more real now! But, I promise by the weekend I will post what we are having!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Life's blessings...

Every morning, I have this routine and it always involves watching The Today show while I am getting ready, I feel that that is my morning cup of coffee, to rev me up on my news and get me through my day but it just seems that everyday it gets more and more depressing in the news, so and so is closing, another place is filing for bankruptcy, and this company needs help, and the needy need more help and it just got to the point where I just thought "why" what is the point and I have thought how much worse can this get? But, it was just through all of that one day when I was driving to work and just spending my 20 minutes worshipping and talking to God, that I realized that through this whole economic crisis, I have a home, I have a job, I have food to put on the table, I have so many things to be thankful for, not only because the holiday season is approaching but just everyday! It just amazes me that despite the fact that you can have nothing, you can still have it all! I know for me personally it has been hard to not be bummed out, but I tell you what I have become more and more excited this year about Christmas and spending time with our families, and just enjoying the company of everyone this year, I have had to restrain myself from getting my Christmas tub out and start making it look a lot like Christmas in the Burkholder household .. but I will wait until this coming weekend to do all of that : )

So, today is the big day for us! We get to have our first ultrasound and find out if this little thing kicking me is a boy or a girl! I had to spend extra time this morning just asking God to go before me in this appointment, because the devil is just creeping in my head saying "what if your blood results came back bad," or "what if they find something," and it has been almost a burden instead of excitement, and so I just spent some time almost just meditating on the goodness of God and no matter what how amazing he is and that we should spend this time in excitement to see what an amazing miracle this is that we get to see grow before us! So, I will have to let everyone know what we are having come tomorrow : ) : )

Monday, October 20, 2008

Updates ....

Ok, since Jessica asked me to update I will! I did enjoy a nice long weekend I had some time to use up for work so I had a wonderful weekend of being out and about, it wasn't very relaxing but oh well! On Friday I headed up to Old Navy at the the old Scottsdale mall and went looking for maternity clothes and I must say that it isn't depressing because it is kinda fun but yet it is depressing because I can't go to a lot of my favorite stores but all in all it was successful! My mom and I went to the pitiful Michigan State/Ohio State game and needless to say after my mom said we weren't leaving after the first quarter I just sat contently with my popcorn and nachos and enjoyed my time : ) But, we did find some really cute outfits for the baby to support the Spartans and despite Chad's comments the baby will look cute! Sunday, I went to lighthouse place and shopped more for the baby then myself, I must say it was a bummer going there because Motherhood maternity didn't have good sales and didn't have a good selection but I got some basic things and things that were needed but I did enjoy going to Baby Gap and Gymboree and buying just the most amazing little outfits, I was looking at them and thinking "how will any baby ever fit in these, these are just tiny tiny little things!" But needless to say this baby will be the best dressed on the block!

I am finally feeling better and definitely getting my appetite back : ) I can make it through the evening without having to attempt not to hurl and I don't have to take naps on my lunch hour anymore! Although my pants are a tad uncomfortable I must say maternity pants are a good send I use to hate the elastic waisted pants but not anymore : ) Plus they give you more room when you are ready to eat a full course!

I have been spending my weekends alone Chad has been out every chance he can get deer hunting, which is fine because I have more time for me and can catch up on my shows or my reading materials but so far no deer yet : ( But, in time I am sure that nice buck will come by and allow us to have meat for the winter!

Well, there is nice little update for you : ) Enjoy it!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Cravings and heartbeats!

Well, we did get to hear the heartbeat yesterday at the doctor's office! It was an amazing sound that I don't think I will ever forget! It didn't take long to find it which was encouraging and it sounded like a little train going up a hill and the second time around when they brought Chad in after my exam it took a little while to hear that little booger but we finally did! So, know it is just the lovely 4 week visits and in December we get to find out what we are having!

Ok, so the other night I went to Martin's to get some things for supper and I was standing at the seafood counter waiting on the man to give me my fish and I was just looking around and spotted a bag of Lay's salt and vinegar chips, well then my mouth started watering and my stomach started to growl so I got my fish and pratically ran over the chip aisle, and got my bag of chips. The only weird thing about my craving is that while I was still shopping, I popped open that bag of chips and started eating : ) Despite the fact that I ate about half of the bag it fulfilled that craving!

Well, that is pretty much it for the Burkholder household .. have a great weekend : )