Monday, February 23, 2009

two months...

Holy cow! I haven't blogged in two months?!!? And I only have two months left.. actually less then two months. We did our hospital tour on Sunday we are having him at Memorial and as much as it put my mind to ease as to where we go, and how everything will happen, it totally freaked me out! I mean, obviously I have been thinking ok we have to deliver, but until I was in the birthing suite seeing the bed, the equipment, the posters, and talking about it, it sunk in that we are really doing this. Though for Chad it didn't sink in so much because he was too busy wondering if we got the outdoor channel, while I am having a nervous breakdown he is getting a rundown on the channels. Oh boys! But, I met a lot of the nurses and just fell in love with everyone there so while it made me nervous, it helped me picture what is going to happen!

I am in the full swing of shower season! But, thankfully I only am having two, so I have my first one this weekend and then the big one is the next weekend, so thankfully I won't have to be waddling in to these showers when I am ready to pop and grouchy! But, so far we are getting a lot of good stuff off our regirsty and my mom and dad have gotten us our changing table and crib, so like I said before, everything is coming together and very quickly!

Well, this is a fast post .. but just wanted to update everyone and update myself because like I said its been over two months .. man I need to get on the band wagon!

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