Thursday, September 11, 2008

Has it been this long ...

Gosh, has been over a month or more since I last blogged anything? Either on here or Xanga! Gosh, I need to get off my lazy butt and blog about stuff! Well, expect for not much going on in the Burkholder household! But, we are getting ready for a week of vacation : ) Chad has shut down the barber shop for a week and we are taking off for South Haven, Michigan for a week of just pure relaxation and eating at really good restaurants : ) Which is pretty much all that I care about at this point, just getting away and just enjoying a couple days away with my husband! Then it is back home and dreading the god awful Apple Festival. I wouldn't mind it so much if I wasn't right there by it and we were putting much stuck in our house for those 3 days but... the only good thing that comes with that is the food and the fact that I can just walk right up to town and get it : ) No having to find a parking spot or anything!

I am definitely loving this cooler weather, I get giddy inside about the leaves changing color, and the weather getting cooler in the day and putting summer behind us and looking forward to Fall! I think that Indiana hands down has one of the best fall seasons around .. the only downside is having to hail all of our leaves down the alley way to have them picked up .. but oh well hopefully we can enjoy the next fall in a different home!

It seems that after summer our weekends and weeknights just get filled up to the brim, it seems that from August to January we are on birthday over loads, holiday over loads, and wedding over loads, and with that comes deer season, where I will become a hunting widow for the next 4 months... oh well at least I can flock to the deer widows and hang out with them too : )

Well, that is pretty much all that is going on .. I will make sure the post some pictures on our vacation as soon as I get the hang of using blogger instead of xanga .. change is hard*


The Lantz Clan said...

HEy! Vacations will be great too get away! HOw is the barber shop going?

Jessica said...

hey! it sound like you have an exciting week ahead of you! i hope the weather is great and you enjoy every second with your man!

i know what you mean about becoming a hunting widow. john is taking the first week of deer hunting season off so he can go out in the early am and in the afternoon/evening. i'm going to hate it! i guess the jerkey is nice hopefully he gets one! :)