Monday, October 20, 2008

Updates ....

Ok, since Jessica asked me to update I will! I did enjoy a nice long weekend I had some time to use up for work so I had a wonderful weekend of being out and about, it wasn't very relaxing but oh well! On Friday I headed up to Old Navy at the the old Scottsdale mall and went looking for maternity clothes and I must say that it isn't depressing because it is kinda fun but yet it is depressing because I can't go to a lot of my favorite stores but all in all it was successful! My mom and I went to the pitiful Michigan State/Ohio State game and needless to say after my mom said we weren't leaving after the first quarter I just sat contently with my popcorn and nachos and enjoyed my time : ) But, we did find some really cute outfits for the baby to support the Spartans and despite Chad's comments the baby will look cute! Sunday, I went to lighthouse place and shopped more for the baby then myself, I must say it was a bummer going there because Motherhood maternity didn't have good sales and didn't have a good selection but I got some basic things and things that were needed but I did enjoy going to Baby Gap and Gymboree and buying just the most amazing little outfits, I was looking at them and thinking "how will any baby ever fit in these, these are just tiny tiny little things!" But needless to say this baby will be the best dressed on the block!

I am finally feeling better and definitely getting my appetite back : ) I can make it through the evening without having to attempt not to hurl and I don't have to take naps on my lunch hour anymore! Although my pants are a tad uncomfortable I must say maternity pants are a good send I use to hate the elastic waisted pants but not anymore : ) Plus they give you more room when you are ready to eat a full course!

I have been spending my weekends alone Chad has been out every chance he can get deer hunting, which is fine because I have more time for me and can catch up on my shows or my reading materials but so far no deer yet : ( But, in time I am sure that nice buck will come by and allow us to have meat for the winter!

Well, there is nice little update for you : ) Enjoy it!

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The Brown's said...

I am glad that you are feeling better! Did those suckers help at all?? I love shopping for baby clothing, but sadly, we hardly have anything, lol. Thanks for the suggestions, I saw a website for Doc Pierce's a place we have never been, so I think we might try that out... ever been there?