Friday, October 3, 2008

Cravings and heartbeats!

Well, we did get to hear the heartbeat yesterday at the doctor's office! It was an amazing sound that I don't think I will ever forget! It didn't take long to find it which was encouraging and it sounded like a little train going up a hill and the second time around when they brought Chad in after my exam it took a little while to hear that little booger but we finally did! So, know it is just the lovely 4 week visits and in December we get to find out what we are having!

Ok, so the other night I went to Martin's to get some things for supper and I was standing at the seafood counter waiting on the man to give me my fish and I was just looking around and spotted a bag of Lay's salt and vinegar chips, well then my mouth started watering and my stomach started to growl so I got my fish and pratically ran over the chip aisle, and got my bag of chips. The only weird thing about my craving is that while I was still shopping, I popped open that bag of chips and started eating : ) Despite the fact that I ate about half of the bag it fulfilled that craving!

Well, that is pretty much it for the Burkholder household .. have a great weekend : )


Suzy said...

I am glad things are going well for you. Isn't it amazing to hear the heartbeat?

Have you guys thought of names at all yet?

The Lantz Clan said...

How many weeks are you? That sound is beautiful, I agree!

The Brown's said...

Hearing the heartbeat is wonderful, we were able to take a tape recorder and keep the sound. I loved going to Micigan City. Their motherhood store had great deals! Did you get the suckers??

Jessica said...

i would LOVE to take pictures of your little one when he/she arrives. :) i think it's so much fun and it's easier when they aren't mobile yet. haha...hope you're doing well. you need to give us updates more often!